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Exploring Lutron Home Automation Solutions

Discover the legacy of Savant, a pioneer in home automation since 2005. Embracing mobile technology from the start, Savant has grown into a leading industry name, offering innovative, user-friendly solutions. At Opus Home Automation, based in New York City and Greenwich, CT, our certified technicians specialize in implementing Savant smart home systems. With expert guidance and professional support, we transform your home into a haven of smart living.

Elevate Your Home Automation with Opus and Lutron Innovations


Expertly Engineered Tensioned Solutions for Diverse Window Styles

Opus Home Automation provides an advanced tensioned system with concealed cable guides. The fabric in this system remains perfectly flat, offering a uniform appearance akin to motorized shades. This flexible solution is suitable for different window styles, such as skylights, slanted windows, and bottom-up shades. Rest assured, Opus Home Automation is here to support you. Our team of specialists is prepared to offer professional advice and assistance at every stage. Don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email anytime.

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