Audio Control


Devices for Professional Home Theater and Audio Control

AudioControl’s multi-zone amplifiers elevate not just your individual listening enjoyment but also bolster your standing as a proficient audio/video expert. Trusted globally, AudioControl products are favored by professionals and homeowners alike. With a reputation for competence, elegance, and unmatched quality, AudioControl’s amplifiers, speakers, and other products are utilized in various environments.

Elevating Audio Excellence in Home Theaters and Professional A/V Settings


Not sure about your needs? Opus Home Automation is here to help!

Audio Control’s commitment to perfection is reflected in its products, trusted by numerous companies for their processors, multi-zone amplifiers, receivers, and more. The company’s unwavering dedication to crafting high-end speaker systems and home theaters is evident. These products find a home in professional environments where exceptional hardware quality is essential, ensuring clear and impactful sound reproduction. Opus Home Automation, recognizing the crucial role a speaker system plays in setting audio/video professionals apart, proudly serves as an authorized distributor of Audio Control products.

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