Ruckus Wireless


From Amenity to Necessity in the Modern World

In the past, Wi-Fi was a desirable luxury; today, it’s a vital utility, akin to electricity or indoor plumbing. Its indispensability is evident across diverse scenarios, from employees in enterprises to shoppers choosing wireless routers and visitors in public venues. Wi-Fi has become an undeniable need. This escalating demand for seamless connectivity presents a substantial opportunity for Managed Services Providers (MSPs). While businesses recognize the importance of reliable Wi-Fi, the associated costs and administrative burdens can be daunting.

Unparalleled Features from RUCKUS WIRELESS


Benefits Of Ruckus Wireless

UCKUS WIRELESS redefines Wi-Fi experiences with its exceptional features. Experience lightning-fast multi-gigabit access speeds through Wave 2 Wi-Fi, supported by a robust 2.5GbE (802.3bz) backhaul, ensuring flawless connections via multi-gigabit switches. This high-speed access transforms digital experiences, delivering unmatched connectivity. With RUCKUS WIRELESS, enjoy stellar performance even in the most challenging environments. Its utilization of BeamFlex+TM adaptive antenna technology and an extensive collection of over 4,000 directional antenna patterns guarantees consistently high performance, regardless of the setting.

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