Sonance Invisible Series

 An array of advancements in invisible speaker engineering that result in unparalleled acoustic performance, all from a speaker that remains completely hidden.
This unique design delivers smooth and velvety midrange tones, along with crystal-clear highs for an exceptional audio experience.


Crafted to enhance your audio experience across various entertainment mediums such as television, movies, gaming, and concerts.


Do you want to experience the movies At home?

Experience exceptional audio quality in the comfort of your Scarsdale, NY home with Sonance’s impressive range of purpose-built products. Designed to enhance your enjoyment of movies, gaming, concerts, and multimedia content, Sonance is the go-to brand for ideal home audio-video solutions. If you’re seeking a clean and organized appearance in your space without compromising on high-end audio for your home theater, consider Sonance’s adjustable soundbar. This innovative device delivers a clear and natural sound experience, featuring a 3-way speaker configuration within a space-saving frame. With Sonance’s adjustable soundbar, you can enjoy immersive audio without sacrificing aesthetics.

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